The specialized legal services rendered by this Firm include advice and legal management of all property law matters, applications for land use change, township establishment, removal of restrictive conditions of title, subdivisions, consolidations and approval of site development and building plans, and procurement of environmental authorizations in terms of any prevailing Town Planning, Development and Environmental legislation, submitted in respect of development projects to any Planning or Statutory authority in South Africa.


The legal services rendered by this Firm constitute a one-stop, all inclusive professional service by virtue of which experienced legal advice is rendered, pertaining to property/land and development transactions, any of the aforementioned Development or Planning processes and include the submission of all legal input throughout such Planning, Application, Development and Environmental processes, personal appearances before all Town Planning, Administrative, Statutory and Appeal Authorities, and where required, pursuance of same by way of High Court litigation.

SINCE 1990

Adriaan Venter has been practising in these specialised fields since 1990 and has been involved in Development and Planning Law in South Africa since 1983. He and his supporting professional team have consequently been, and are currently, involved in most land development projects of significance, which have realized or which are currently in process in South Africa on instructions of most of the major role players in the development fraternity of South Africa.